Inspiring Art

World Cultures and Faiths: India

Indian objects include a wide range of traditional hand embroidered and mirrored textiles, puppets, umbrellas, hand-made pots, models of Gods, money (rupees with picture of Gandhi), hand painted traditional pictures, mobiles, and saris and turban to try on. Following handling and discussion, children can take part in a range of craft activities (depending on time available – to be discussed beforehand). These could include making Rajasthani puppets, using hand carved Indian printing blocks to print a wall hanging, or to use to make rubbings, making elephant mobiles, silk painting using South Asian designs, modelling divas or elephants, or making garlands.

Another possibility is making a Toran (a traditional Indian welcome hanging for across the doorway). This session includes handling a variety of Gujerati Torans and learning about the symbols and meanings behind them. Then using felt, calico, pens, beads and tassels, making your own Toran piece. This is a good collaborative project – individual pieces can be hung together to make a long whole-class Toran.