Inspiring Art

Art Projects: Murals

I can design murals or lead workshops to help children to create designs which I can then scale up to mural size. The mural on the theme of Aboriginal art at Barley Croft Primary School was inspired by children’s own designs, and has been out in the weather since 2006 and still looks perfect. The easiest process for outdoors is to work on marine quality plywood panels using water based Weathershield paint which really can withstand all weathers !

Murals are a longer term project as only a few children can work on the task at any one time, and final touches need to be made by the artist, but they are an investment which can enhance the outdoor environment of your school for years to come. The changing landscape planned to inspire children’s imagination was designed and painted by children at Bridge Junior School in a project working with me, with paint supplied by Dulux through its ‘Colour the Community’ scheme