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Peacock Boat for Mela 2017

Made with participants at Leicester Belgrave Mela, August 2017, to promote New Walk Museum’s Splendours of the Sub-continent exhibition (on until the end of October 17).

New Murals 2017

This year I have painted four new murals, two at Leicester schools and two with communities in Hamilton Library and Onslow Park in Highfields.

I produce work for sale and accept commissions.

My work is inspired by arts crafts and textiles from around the world.
I love to experiment and create unusual interesting textiles, from silk painting and batik to free machine and hand embroidery; block printing and crochet to felting and dressmaking.
I upcycle old and vintage fabrics and yarns into textiles, from wall hangings to unique wedding dresses made from old silk saris.

Inspired by Indiamixed-media textile art inspired by my India travels.

‘Indian Forest’ is my latest framed work inspired by my travels. All the women in the photos on my 2 metre long ‘Inspired by India’ hanging are real women who I met on my last two trips to India. The work explores the journey of Indian women from the past practise of sati (burning on their husband’s funeral pyres), through Indian society’s stereotypical portrayals and expectations, to the future of modern Indian women, taking charge of their own lives through setting up co-operatives such as Kala Raksha (where the women taught me to sew shisha mirrors). I am looking forward to gaining more Indian inspiration on my next India trip this winter.

Arts Council funded project working with local Women from Highfields to celebrate their community, Leicester April 2014.

Silk Painting

Free Machined Textile